Monday, August 16, 2010

How to bypass Premium Content Surveys

Ever came across the Premium Content Surveys that blocks the whole website from being viewed? They're the ones that came up on Facebook likes and pages. But now they're all over the place.


You go to the site and you try to see something but it won't let you move the page, it just moves back to that survey content area. Can't click on anything in the site, the only satisfying thing you can do click on "Need help" and send a report about your huge dislike toward the damn survey.

So there's an easy way to bypass this survey area.

Step 1: Find a site that you want to view but can not because it's blocked by the premium content survey.

Step 2: Open up a new tab or new window and type in this URL:

Step 3: Go back to site with the premium content survey and copy the URL of that site.

Step 4: Then go back to "" and in the "URL to recode" box at the top of the page, paste in the URL of the other site.

Step 5: Click to check the "Disable Javascript" box. (If you can't find it, press Ctrl and F to bring up the find box, in there type in Disable Javascript)

Step 6: After checking the box, click on "Recode Data" next to the URL to recode box, and in a matter of seconds the page should be come up without the premium content survey. And the page is free to be viewed.


  1. Looks like alliancex has stopped working?? Give for a free solution that worked for me. Enter domain in box and the website does the rest. No downloads required. Damn, I hate these surveys!!

  2. Haha, I've noticed lately. Thanks dude! (:

  3. entering just brings me to EHarmony..... ?

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